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MWF HALALAN SPECIAL 2K19 | Yoshihiro Tajiri 2019 Interview

Fight Sport Manila had an exclusive interview with WWE/ECW veteran Tajiri. Here he talks about his second experience in the ...

Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. Steve Corino - ECW Hardcore Heaven 2000

One of the most brutal battles of my career to this point.

Super Crazy vs. Little Guido vs. Tajiri

ECW, 06/19/99 #Tajiri #SuperCrazy #LittleGuido #ECW.

Tajiri vs. Sean Maluta: WWE 205 Live, Jan. 3, 2017

The Japanese Buzzsaw, Tajiri, makes an impressive WWE 205 Live debut against Sean Maluta and is confronted by The Brian ...

Brock Lesnar and Tajiri vs Rey Mysterio and Edge WWE SmackDown 10 10 2002

Please watch: "WWE Smackdown Live 10/4/2016 Highlights | 4 Oct Smackdown Live 2016" ...

The Ultimate Tajiri's Buzzsaw Kick Compilation

Yoshihiro Tajiri's devastating kick montage.

POISON MIST: KayFabe Science

DAVE KNOWS that Poison Mist is one of the most mysterious and dangerous maneuvers in all of wrestling. While made famous by ...

Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. Pablo Marquez

ECW, 01/02/99 #Tajiri #PabloMarquez #ECW.

Dan Severn vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri - NWA 6/24/1995

National Wrestling Alliance New Jersey, Championship Wrestling America Williamstown, NJ June 24, 1995 NWA World ...

Mark Henry Vs Tajiri (WWE Smackdown) September 5, 2002

Mark Henry Vs Tajiri (Smackdown) 9.5.02 All Rights Go To World Wrestling Entertainment © 2018.

Tommy Dreamer interviews Tajiri, Mikey Whipwreck, and Phenom Jazz!

This week on the The House of Hardcore Tommy interviews his old #ECW partners Tajiri and Mikey Whipwreck with a short ...

Taz Vs Tajiri ECW on TNN 09-03-99

Taz Vs Tajiri ECW on TNN 09-03-99.

Yoshihiro Tajiri vs Funaki (Dark Match)

Date: 7th May 2001 Tajiri vs Funaki before a taping of Raw in 2001. This match was a tryout for Tajiri before he made his debut.

Tajiri's 2004 Titantron Entrance Video feat. "Green Mist" Theme [HD]

Tajiri's 2004 Titantron Entrance Video Featuring His "Green Mist" Entrance Theme in HD.

Yoshihiro Tajiri vs Aguila Negra 13 Nov 94

Green TAJIRI in green. From IWA Japan's Fire on Earth show, 13th November 1994.

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