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Codco - Pleasant Priests in Conversation

Codco, uncensored and raunchy. This seems to be Andy Jones favourite subject matter... Andy Jones, Greg Malone, Tommy ...

Wonderful Grand Band "Beothuk" Skit

One of my favorite programs to direct was the "Wonderful Grand Band" show on CBC in the 80s. Difficult, but great fun. One of ...

The Unfriendly Giant from Codco with Tommy Sexton

Hilarious skit. Hopefully Salter Street Films will release a Codco boxset or something. Incredibly talented show and cast from the ...

Tommy Sexton Massive crash at Wilmot 8 31 13

The worse crash I have seen, let alone filmed. Tommy was OK. The car is destroyed.

Wonderful Grand Band Babylon Mall

Wonderful Grand Band TV show on CBC (Tommy Sexton) HAPPY 50th Avalon Mall! Sing It Boys! At the mall, at the Babylon Mall ...

Newfoundland Indoors

Codco sketch. All the eggs are in their egg holes!

At da Maaaaall, at da Babylon Maaaall!

A re-release of the Wonderful Grand Band's comedy hit: The Babylon Mall is raising funds for AIDS research through the Tommy ...

Tommy Sexton Matt Vandervere USAC Wilmot 6-23-12

This is both a crash video and a experiment in slow motion. Tommy is reported to be resting well along with Matt. I am holding off ...

CODCO: Wake of the Week

Excerpted from the CODCO TV series. Series 2, Episode 7.

Codco Byrds Christmas YouTube

copyright Codco. All rights reserved.

KILL THE POWER - 1993-06 - Tommy Sexton and the Dirtmen

During the 3rd anniversary show of "Cutting Edge Chicago" we had 2 bands come in and play acoustically. It went so well we ...

Tommy Sexton's car post crash

A walk around of the car. The halo he uses did its job after the top of the cage hit the concrete barrier.

wonderful grand band

wgb with Tommy Sexton and guests April and Margaret Elliott.

WGB - Spin Out

WGB Show, Wonderful Grand Band performs Spin Out, Tommy Sexton sings.

Codco: Best Of Our Lies

Newfoundland TV, Codco, Comedy, Soap Opera Parody.

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