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Mark Steel on Sylvia Pankhurst

The full epoisode from the Open University Thanks BBC, Kair Hardy, Workers Dreadnought, Christabel & Emmeline, Addis Ababa ...

Katherine Connelly - Sylvia Pankhurst: Suffragette, Socialist and Scourge of Empire (Pluto, 2013)

Katherine Connelly, author of the new biography of Sylvia Pankhurst (Pluto Press, 2013), speaks about the suffragette's distinctive ...

Sylvia Pankhurst: Everything is Possible

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[Oh! What a Lovely War] Sylvia Pankhurst & Suffragette Movement

Oh! What a Lovely War (1969) The working-class Smiths change their initially sunny views on World War I after the three boys of ...

S02E05 - Sylvia Pankhurst

DOCUMENTARY: The Mark Steel Lectures On: BBC Four Date: Friday 3rd December 2004 Series 2, episode 5. Sylvia Pankhurst.

Sylvia Pankhurst

Estelle Sylvia Pankhurst (5 May 1882 – 27 September 1960) Emebet demeke documentary biography.

Sylvia Pankhurst Trailer

This is the trailer for the inspiring new feature length documentary Sylvia Pankhurst: Everything is possible now available on DVD ...

Sylvia Pankhurst - Mark Steel Lectures

Comedian Mark Steel presents this history of Sylvia Pankhurst, suffragette and political campaigner.

Sylvia Pankhurst: The Real Meaning of the Revolutionary Years

Full text:

Sylvia Pankhurst in "Oh! What A Lovely War" (1969)

anti-war speech by Sylvia Pankhurst (Vanessa Redgrave)

Sylvia Pankhurst

Feminist . Ethiopia.sylvia pankhurst ethiopia,sylvia pankhurst facts.

Sylvia Pankhurst: A Suffragette in America | Katherine Connelly interview

In 1911 and 1912, the militant suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst embarked on two lecture tours of the USA. Moving beyond the elite ...

Sylvia Pankhurst dies September 27, 1960

Sylvia Pankhurst dies September 27, 1960 ---------- Sylvia Pankhurst, British suffragette and international socialist, dies ...

Mark Steel: Sylvia Pankhurst pt 1

a lighthearted look at Sylvia and her family and her struggle for Womens Rights Rateings attacked by male spammer.

Dr Kat and Sylvia Pankhurst's Collected Poems

Were you aware that Sylvia Pankhurst published a collection of poems? Well, I wasn't! Until I went to a poetry reading by Chris ...

Lee speaks on suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst and political donations reform

The suffragette movement made great sacrifices to gain the vote. It was a noble cause. It was a courageous fight. Many women ...

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