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The Life of Sensational Sherri Martel

Wrestling Lists Presents The Life of Sensational Sherri Martel A much requested video in the "Wrestling Lists Presents" profile ...

Sensational Sherri Martel and Zeus on Arsenio Hall (1989)

Sensational Sherri Martel and Zeus ("Tiny" Lister) appear on the Arsenio Hall show in 1989 to declare war on Hulkamania.

Sensational Queen Sherri tries to charm the Ultimate Warrior

the WWF queen temps the Ultimate Warrior to give Macho King a WWF Title shot.

Sherri Martel shoot interview (1996)

1996 interview with the late great WWE hall of famer Sherri Martel! Sherri talks about her reigens as both AWA and WWE ...

(720pHD): WWE 12/17/88 - Rockin' Robin vs. Sherri Martel

The WWF Women's Champion, Rockin' Robin, goes head to head with Sherri Martel for "WWF on Z Channel" at LA Sports Arena.

(720pHD): WWE 10/07/88 - Rockin' Robin vs. Sherri Martel

Rockin' Robin takes to the ring to challenge Sensational Sherri for the WWE Women's Championship which aired as part of WWF ...

Jim Cornette Introduces Sherri Martel 1982

Jim Cornette promo is being the greatest manager of all time as he Introduces Sherri Martel great move!!!

Bruce Prichard remembers Sherri Martel

Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard is an audio podcast that discusses topics, events, wrestlers and memorable moments ...

Sherri Martel vs Medusa Miceli

May 16, 1987, Las Vegas, Nevada. For the AWA World Women's Championship. ESPN TV taping.

Sherri Martel Tribute video

Courtesy of the World Wrestling Entertainment and made by the company. Sherri Martel, sadly passed away at 49 years old.

Shawn Michaels vs. Rick Martel: SummerSlam 1992

The mere sight of Shawn Michaels and "The Model" Rick Martel fighting triggers Sensational Sherri to pull off an ...

(720pHD): WCW Nitro 01/29/96 - Madusa vs. Sherri Martel

After a brutal brawl between Sister Sherri Martel & Madusa in the recent weeks, the two settle it in a singles bout on Monday Nitro.

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