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Rachel Ames

Rachel Ames is an American actress. This video is targeted to blind users. Attribution: Article text available under CC-BY-SA ...

Rachel Ames - Early life

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Fixodent Denture Glue Rachel Ames 90s Commercial (1999)

Find out what it feels like to Fixodent and forget it.

Fixodent ad with Rachel Ames (1999)

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Rachel Ames

Rachel Ames born November 2, 1929 (age 90)

2004 Daytime Emmy's-Lifetime Achievement Award Presentations

The 2004 Daytime Emmy's and the Lifetime Achievement Award presentations given to Rachel Ames, John Clarke, Jeanne ...

Rachel Ames Returns To GH As Audrey Hardy

Link: http://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/rachel-ames-returns-gh.

"Red Hungarian Amazon Parrot Actor" with Rachel Ames - Raquel Ames

Az Emigrans, a story about a Hungarian Writer.

Verilux Booklight with Torment of Rachel Ames

A great product to read when its dark Book light available here: http://www.verilux.com/full-spectrum-booklights/pagelight/ Book ...

Everyone talks to Jessie - 1978

Audrey, Steve, and Dan all talk to Jessie features: Emily McLaughlin as Jessie Brewer , Rachel Ames as Audrey Hardy , and John ...

Rachel Ames - Raquel Ames - Backhand, Sivle

Raquel Ames, nurse, medium detective, psychic.

GH 04-02-13 Elizabeth / Audrey / Patrick / Epiphany

General Hospital - April 2, 2013 - 50th Anniversary Episode - Remembering Steve Hardy.

GE Theater: Too Good with a Gun - 1957

An episode of GE Theater from 1957, starring Robert Cummings, Rachel Ames and Michael Landon. An ex-gunfighter goes ...

Buy Your Copy NOW - - The Torment Of Rachel Ames (Kindle Single)

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1994 Nurse's Ball - Lucy talks about AIDS - June 1994

Lucy gives a speech about AIDs features: Lynn Herring as Lucy Coe , John Ingle as Edward Quartermaine , Rachel Ames as ...

The Webbers throw Amy a party - 1982

The Webbers throw Amy a graduation party features: Loanne Bishop as Rose Kelly , shell Kepler as Amy Vining , Denise ...

Audrey interrupts Justus & Simone - April 1995

Audrey walks in and interrupts Justus and Simone's morning features: Felecia Bell as Simone Hardy , Rachel Ames as Audrey ...

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