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Myleene Klass - Toccata and Fugue

Myleene Klass's debut promotional video for her album 'Moving On'

The one where we learn about the circle of fifths

Learn about the Circle of Fifths. This is for a more advanced level of learner but it's amazing to get a few handy tips for your music ...

Myleene Klass

Myleene Klass playing live in Liverpool.

The one where I serenade your babies with Disney Lullabies as chosen by you! #myleenesmusicklass

No more baby groups or music groups for the foreseeable future so I'm letting you pick what you want to serenade your baby with.

Myleene Klass - If You're Not The One

Myleene Klass - If You're Not The One Please support the artist by purchasing their albums/singles. Thank you :)

The one where we learn to play any pop song!!

Find out the secret behind every pop song, all you need is the magic 4 chords! Learn how to make a chord and how to invert it or ...

The one where we learn syncopation with the cup song

What is syncopation, why do live musicians love it so much when most of the time they like things on the beat and what does the ...

The one where the Klasses play the glasses!

A basic guide to how sound is made and we build a mini Glass harp too... bring your glasses, join in'

Myleene Klass Is Annoyed She Didn't Get A Prenup | Loose Women

Myleene opens up about her failed marriage and explains that she wishes she had got a prenup.

The one where we learn about how to colour music and what ‘Timbre’ means!

Timbre, Tamber, timber? What does it actually mean...and how do you actually say it?!

Myleene Klass - Friday Night with Jonathan Ross

Myleene Klass' introduction and interview on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. Broadcast info: S12E11 08/06/2007.

The one where we learn FORM and how to write a pop song!

What is form? Why's it so important? What do burgers and sandwiches have to do with it and how can it help me write a pop song?

The one where we learn a rhythmic song and tangle up our brains and bodies!

The one where we learn a rhythmic song..great practise for ALL musicians. Helps our listening, co ordination and memory ...

The one where we learn about dynamics and say them in Italian

Follow up from this lesson if you want to have a recap)

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