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Dick ''The Bulldog'' Brower vs The Mighty Igor

I.W.A. International Champ Dick ''The Bulldog'' Brower defends his title against the Mighty Igor.

The Mighty Igor - Tribute

A Tribute to Detroit Big Time Wrestling's Polish Strongman.

WWC: Mighty Igor vs. Kareem Mohammed (1987)

From the Anniversary Show of 1987.

WWC: Tiger Jeet Singh vs. Mighty Igor

Look at that packed stadium.

WWC: Mighty Igor vs. Abdullah The Butcher

Match from the late 80's, most likely 1987, slow paced and not much action by either wrestler but still worth sharing if only to ...

The Mighty Igor vs Mike Allen

Men's Pro Wrestling. All Star Wrestling From The 80's. The Mighty Igor vs Mike Allen. Ref: Bob Steele.

WWC: Bruiser Brody vs. Mighty Igor (1986)

Match from WWC's Anniversary Show on September 20, 1986.

Moose Morowski vs The Mighty Igor

Men's Pro Wrestling. All Star Wrestling From The 80's. Moose Morowski vs The Mighty Igor. Ref: Bruce Brown. Run in by Al Tomko ...

WWC: "Superstar" Billy Graham & Mighty Igor vs. The Zambuie Express (1986)

Match from June 29, 1986. That day they held a tournament for the WWC World Tag Team Championship. The Zambuie Express ...

the mighty igor on JTGMtv

Random experiences in the world of professional wrestling.

Tex McKenzie & The Mighty Igor vs ''Beautiful'' Bruce Swayze & Rip Hawk

The Man from the Alamo - Tex McKenzie teams up with the loveable Mighty Igor as they take on the ''Profile'' Rip Hawk and his ...

Blackjack Mulligan & Masked Superstar vs Ken Patera & Mighty Igor

NWA Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling house show footage -- late 70's early 80's. Tag team action as Blackjack Mulligan ...

The Masked Superstar with Prof Boris Malenko vs The Mighty Igor 1977

DescriptionThe Masked Superstar with Prof. Boris Malenko vs The Mighty Igor 1977.

Dick ''The Bulldog'' Brower vs Argentina Apollo

I.W.A. International champ Bulldog Brower takes on high flying Argentina Apollo. Brower gets carried away with illegal tactics and ...

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