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Discussion with Louise Mensch and Mark Lewis

Jon Snow is joined by Louise Mensch MP of the Culture Select Committee and media lawyer Mark Lewis.

Piers Morgan blasts Mensch's 'lie'

CNN's Piers Morgan responds to charges that he hacked phones while editor at The Daily Mirror.

Former MP addresses Murdoch Inquiry

David Folkenflik sits down with former MP Louise Mensch who once grilled Murdoch and now writes a column for the Sun.

Should Murdoch reappear before MPs?

Jon Snow speaks to former MP Louise Mensch, who questioned Rupert Murdoch when she sat on the culture select committee, ...

The woman in the middle of Trump's wiretap claim

Louise Mensch found herself thrust into the spotlight after Donald Trump accused Barack Obama of wiretapping his phones at ...

MP upset by partisan phone hacking report

Conservative MP Louise Mensch says a parliamentary report into the News Corp phone hacking scandal loses credibility ...

The real answer to Donald Trump's hilarious accusations on FOX NEWS

Right wing former british MP and former editor of "Heat Street", Louise Mensch appears on Fox News. She tells us how Breitbart ...

Chris Matthews Battling With Louise Mensch

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Real Time with Bill Maher: Overtime – July 1, 2016 (HBO)

Subscribe to the Real Time YouTube: http://itsh.bo/10r5A1B Bill Maher and his guests – Gov. Gary Johnson, Louise Mensch, ...

Social Media During The Riots - Right or Wrong?

During the riots there have been real time updates and clean ups organised on sites like Twitter and Facebook. The Prime ...

Career Game By Louise Mensch | Spoiler Free Review

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Louise Mensch: Buy while you can

Former U.K. Parliament Conservative Member Louise Mensch discusses her outlook for the pound.

Did Thatcher help alternative comedy flourish?

Thatcher provided a stream of material for the upcoming eighties alternative comedy scene. Jon Snow talks to the former ...

Louise Mensch Is Batsht Crazy... And I Love Her

TYT Politics reporter Michael Tracey (http://www.twitter.com/mtracey) discusses his secret admiration for the deranged former ...

Newsnight: Louise Mensch 'Yes I Had A Facelift'

Newsnight: Louise Mensch 'Yes I Had A Facelift'

Question Time - 8/12/16 - Nigel Farage Louise Mensch

BBC Question Time in Maidenhead on 8/12/16 Dr Sarah Wollaston, Nigel Farage, Will Self, Louise Mensch and Richard Burgon.

Piers Morgan Row With Louise Mensch Over Claims Morgan Hacked Phones HOT HOT HOT

Piers Morgan Row With Louise Mensch Over Calim Morgan Hacked Phones. Click the link below to SUBSCRIBE to the 'News of ...

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