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Heather Fuhr and Lori Bowden Chestnut

2015 Edition of Breakfast with Bob from Kona. Presented by EAS Sports Nutrition, and sponsored by Clif Bar, Timex Sports, ROKA ...

"Interview With Lori Bowden" Maria Goldstein (United With Christ - 01/17/2020)

Dr. Maria Goldstein returns to interview Pastor Lori Bowden about her testimony and how she came into ministry.

Hawaii Ironman 1999

Luc Van Lierde (BEL) 8hrs17min17s Peter Reid (CAN) 8hrs22min54s Tim DeBoom (USA) 8hrs25min42s Lori Bowden (CAN) ...

"Waking Up The Church" Lori Bowden (United With Christ - 07/26/2019)

Lori Bowden and Patty Valenzuela talk about waking up the church and having a deep desire to experience God. Do you want to ...

"Wanting God" Lori Bowden (United With Christ - 08/30/2019)

Lori Bowden and Mike Brown talk about earnestly seeking the Lord.

"God's Promises" Lori Bowden (United with Christ-01/14/18)

Pastors Lori and Thaddeus Bowden invite viewers to focus on the promises that God has, not the problem. Are you focusing on ...

"Take Every Thought Captive" Lori Bowden (United With Christ - 09/20/2019)

Lori Bowden and Judy Russell talk about taking every thought captive and making it obedient to God.

"A Servant's Heart" Lori Bowden (United With Christ - 09/06/2019)

Lori Bowden and Debra Young talk about the joy that comes from serving the Lord.

"Iron Sharpens Iron" Lori Bowden (United With Christ - 09/27/2019)

Lori Bowden and Sibrena Sinegal talk about the importance of Christians encouraging one another.

"Gospel Music Ministry" Lori Bowden (United With Christ 06/14/17)

Lori Bowden of In His Presence Worship Ministry and Gospel Singer Tani Miller discuss Tani's testimony and history and how God ...

The Power of Intercession - Lori Bowden (United With Christ-10/19/15)

Lori Bowden, Michelle Willis, Alice Pete, and Carla Otero discuss the Power of Intercession. What can God do with our prayers to ...

"Encountering God" Lori Bowden (United With Christ - 07/12/2019)

Lori Bowden sits down and talks with Paul Vincent about the prophetic and encountering God.

"Power of God" Lori Bowden (United With Christ 06/21/17)

Pastor Lori Bowden of In His Presence Worship Movement and Pastor Mozell Nervis of Fellowship of Love Christian Center share ...

"What Is Happening?" Lori Bowden (United With Christ - 08/09/2019)

Lori Bowden and Diana Washington-Valdez talk about what is going on in the world and the importance of having hope.

"From Heaven to Earth" Lori Bowden (United With Christ 07/12/17)

Lori Bowden of In His Presence International Worship Movement and Judy Russell of LifeGate Church share on the worship ...

"A Life of Prayer" Lori Bowden (United With Christ-05/31/17)

Lori Bowden, Elder Alice Pete, and Elder Michelle Willis of In His Presence Worship Ministry share on the life of prayer.

"God Was There" Lori Bowden (United With Christ 07/05/17)

Pastor Lori & Thaddeus Bowden and Minister Michelle Willis from In His Presence Worship & Movement share on the abiding ...

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