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The Seven Perfect Angels Forget Lia!

Lia goes to check her Seven Perfect Angels email to see what the theme for the week is, but mysteriously all of her emails from the ...

Lia visits Ellie and Heather!

Lia gets an early birthday surprise! It allows her to visit her friends Heather and Ellie! See what this gift is!

Lia's A Troublemaker At School

Lia causes a lot of problems at her school... her principal is fed up and decides to send Lia home. Was it really Lia acting up?

Lia's Future Looks BAD!

Lia has a chance to change her future, but she has to follow the instructions from her future self. Will she be able to change the her ...

I'M A Spoiled BRAT!

Lia is The Bad Girl.

OMG! Lia is so Jealous!

Lia is jealous of her friend Gabby, and things only get worse when Chad takes an interest in Gabby. Watch to find out who wins ...

Ella's Grounded on Vacation!

Ella got grounded on vacation. Wait What!

Avery's Unlucky Day!


My New Mom is MEAN!

Ella wishes for a different mom and ends up with one that she regrets wishing for.

Lia's a Troublemaker at School

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Lia Gets Braces!!!

Lia shows you what to expect when getting braces.

Lia's School Picture is a FAIL!

The power goes out at Lia's house causing her to wake up late! She can't fix her hair because there is no time! Her friends try to ...

The Mean Girls Invade School

A simple school is suddenly invaded by 2 new girls. Music by Kevin MacLeod.

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