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Roman Hager - FUN with Jagger, Jett & Koston Eaton

Another fun day at KTR in Mesa with Jagger, Jett and Konston Eaton. FOLLOW ALL THESE!!!!

Roman Hager - Jagger Eaton - Koston Eaton

The boys had a pretty fun sesh in the park / bowl section of KTR. It's always nice to see them just skate and have fun.

Skate Day With My Bro's!

Hope Ya'll enjoyed this vid. It's very rare now that Jagger, Koston and I can all get together and shred. I live for these times.

Roman Hager - Koston Eaton - Clash at Clairemont - KTR

KTR Chandler had an internal contest for who would represent KTR for the national Clash at Clairemont contest. Roman took the ...

Roman Hager - Koston Eaton - KTR Chandler

This was literally 45 minutes of filming with Roman and Koston at KTR Chandler yesterday. These kids are bonkers! Follow: ...

Roman Hager - FUN with Jagger, Jett & Koston Eaton PART DEUX

If you like treflips then you are going to dig this one. Jagger's reactions to Roman's tres is so awesome. Love the Eaton crew.

A Day in a Life With Koston Eaton

This video is about A Day in a Life With Koston Eaton.


This little guy is amazing.. Some of the clips he was 4!! I cant explain how much fun it is to be with him!! comment if you want to see ...

Koston Eaton, First Hippie Jump, 4 years old

Check out 4 year old Koston Eaton and his first hippie jump make. Killin' it. We may have a future X Gamian in the making.




Visit us at www.TheHeartSupply.com Follow the entire team on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/theheartsupply/ ...

Koston Eaton drops into Resi-Vert at Woodward on Skateboard

4 year-old Koston Eaton is following in Jett and Jagger footsteps. Koston takes on the resi- vert at Woodward West on his ...

JAGGER EATON: Skaters In Cars l X Games

In the latest episode of "Skaters In Cars," host Chris Nieratko travels to Mesa, Arizona to meet up with X Games Minneapolis ...

Chaz Ortiz X Diego Najera X Eric Koston X Jagger Eaton 2019

Chaz Ortiz Regular, Age 25, Chicago USA United States, Americas Region Instagram: @chazortiz Sponsors/Shouts Zoo York, ...

Street skating with my bros!!!(THANK YOU ALL FOR 1K SUBSCRIBERS)

Thank you all so much for 1k subscribers! This motivates me so much to post more videos so please subscribe to my channel so ...

Koston / Jett Eaton - Best Foot Forward 2019

Koston Eaton and Jett Eaton at the Zumiez Best Foot Forward contest in AZ. I didn't get Koston's finals run because he was in the ...

Koston Kronicles Ep.1: Picnic Tables of Death

Ya never know what gnarly obstacle KTR's Koston Eaton will go for when skating the streets... today he took on this row of picnic ...

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