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Seto Koji - I love you [Sub Español + Karaoke]

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Kamen Rider Kiva - TETRA FANG - Supernova

from Kamen Rider Kiva the song Suprnova by TETRA FANG: Koji Seto Shuhei Naruse Ume Ayano.

Koji's epic deadly stare in Tumbling ep.5

Well, I think no comment is needed. Dark!Koji is epic :D And Miura as Ryosuke is simply adorable :D.

Koji Seto - Hakutaka In The City

これまでの曲も含め、SoundCloudで聴けるようにしました♪ フォローしてね! Listen on SoundCloud ...

Daughter of criminals finds out her boyfriend is a cop | Japanese Drama | Daughter of Lupin

oh god i'm dating a narc...and his parents don't like meeeee Watch the full Japanese drama 'Daughter of Lupin' on our app: ...

TETRA-FANG with Supernova (Holy Fang Party)

TETRA-FANG performing "Supernova" at Kamen Rider Kiva´s Christmas Concert at Tokyo´s International Forum (25th December ...

Koji Seto - Flying Airplane

作業用BGMコツコツ作っていきます。 これが3曲目です。 Listen on SoundCloud ...

Seto Koji - TV HOMME vol. 2

Television HOMME vol. 2 (Magazine) DVD Special Feature about Koji. It goes along with the photo-shooting for the magazine, ...

Seto Koji - TV HOMME vol. 4

Television HOMME vol. 4 (Magazine) DVD Special Feature about Koji. It goes along with the photo-shooting for the magazine, ...

Erena Mizusawa & Koji Seto - Sticking With You

Addison Road - Sticking With You http://www.dailymotion.com/tamikasaine#videoId=xo3hp8 I OWN NOTHING ( Copyright ...

Koji Seto

Koji Seto's pictures compiled with the background music of David Archuleta's crush. Koji Seto is so cute!

My Top 10 Koji Seto (Kamen Rider Kiva Actor) Movies

This is purely my opinion, let's discuss on the comment section! Social Media: Email: [email protected] FB: ...

Seto Koji My idol

For Seto Koji.

Seto Koji MV || Hold on

vid for fans of Seto Koji. :) He is so kawaii. !! I♥SETO KOJI Ehh, my vid is blocked in Japan. Buuuu ;C Why. ? Does Anyone know ...

Koji Seto - Sincewave/シンスウェイヴ

曲作りました! 本編はこちら https://youtu.be/d2pE48Tl6tw <瀬戸弘司公式LINEスタンプ> ぷーんスタンプ発売中!

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