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Happy Birthday Temper Tantrum! | Mugglesam

3 year old Sophia sings Happy Birthday to Bella as she turns one years old! However a temper tantrum occurs. So funny!

Isabel and Aubrey singing Let it Go from Frozen for MuggleSam

Isabel and Aubrey have been watching MuggleSam with me since they were babies. Today they asked me if I would make a video ...

"For MuggleSam"

A video for: Sofia & Isabella From: Jades & Emma We'll put the link to the video that tells about the "drug free collab" on this video.

Chandler and Chelsea draw for Sophia and Isabella

Here is Chandler and Chelsea's entry into Sophia's (MuggleSam) contest of who can draw the best picture of her recent trip to the ...

Tomorrow - Maia Tries to Sing Like Sophia and Isabella

Maia LOVES this video by MuggleSam of Sophia and Isabella singing Tomorrow ...

Shout Out Saturday: MuggleSam (YTO-339)

New segment I think I'm going to try to do on Saturdays, shout outs to some of the people I watch here on YouTube or follow on ...

I Love You Tomorrow

Last year we watched Sophia and Isabella (Mugglesam) sing Tomorrow. It ...

Re: Isabella's Magic Trick

Thank you so much mugglesam for your precious videos!

Happy Birthday Muggle Sam + Chipmunk Karaoke

skip to :52 for the singing that is all :-) OXOXO Ruthie.

Art Auction for Angelcheeks Foundation | Mugglesam

4 year old Sophia's 3rd art auction! Today it's for the Angelcheeks Foundation with the help of some Youtube friends. Art was sold ...

What I did on 777: For MuggleSam

I couldn't make the youtube gathering because it was either that or get to spend an extra four days down at the New Jersey shore.

Happy Birthday Mugglesam & Sophia

Happy Birthday to Mugglesam & Sophia! Thanks so much to bnessel1973 for editing this! Stay tuned for an important PSA from ...

BE KIND! Choose to be Kind by 5 Year Old Sophia | Mugglesam

5 year old Sophia's inspirational message, just Be Kind! You can do it! #mugglesam #bekind #choosekind Music by Sequoya ...

Alwayspureblood meet Mugglesam!

The day we met Mugglesam in London, and pursuaded Sophia to become a Black Sister!!!! :D Honour the Dark Lord.... or pay with ...

Thank you MuggleSam

Holly receives a surprise package from MuggleSam.

How much money does MuggleSam make on YouTube 2014

How much does MuggleSam make on YouTube? Hemroid the talking dinosaur tells all!

Harry Styles - Falling (Live Acoustic Cover) | Sophia and Bella

Sophia and Bella singing live, Falling by Harry Styles acoustic guitar cover! We love all the songs and will make another video ...

You Tube Wishes Joe HAPPY BIRTHDAY

On February 10 Joseph turned SEVEN!!! Some of our special youtube friends sent clips for his birthday!

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