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BGC2 Reunion Best Moments !!!

BGC2 Reunion Best Moments BGC2 Reunion Best Moments BGC2 Reunion Best Moments.

Darlen speaks to her daughter

Darlen speaks to her daughter. A scene off bad girls club 2.

Totally failed at trying to prove that I don’t need a man.

Decided to video tape my mom and I proving we don't need men in our lives. So we ourselves were going to bring down the fire ...

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Dancing to shakira is what I need during these Quartine days of April 2020.

Cute funny dog stares and knows no boundaries!

My dog decides to lick his lips and locks eyes with me while on the potty.

Bad Girls Club Darlen and Neveen engage in a shouting match

The women dish on one another---literally---when tensions between Neveen Ismail and Darlen Escobar boil over, resulting in a ...

Baby gives mom the middle finger

My beautiful baby is over me snap chatting her...ends with her flicking me off.

Baby Z busting out her best dance moves!

I can't with her...little dancing queen! She got some moves!

Baby Z can’t catch a break during her daily walk, loses baby and wagon within the first minute.

I guess i should leave the screwing to a man. I think I forgot the washer which was no where to be found. Better luck next time!

Watching The Voice has me feeling some kind of way!

The voice and snapchat filters are my kind of Monday nights!

Big Pun - I'm Not A Player

[Intro] You're my darlin' darlin' baby You're my darlin' darlin' love You're my darlin' darlin' baby I said you're everything, I ever ...

Baby girl talk

My baby girl just having a baby convo with me.

Océanos - Donde mis pies pueden fallar (Hillsong - Oceans) (Español)

Océanos - Donde mis pies pueden fallar Grabado en Agosto de Fuego 2014 en la Iglesia Cristiana Verbo Mañosca, Quito ...

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