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Saosin - "You're Not Alone" and "Seven Years" [Feat. Cove Reber] (Live in Pomona 12-16-18)

Saosin performing You're Not Alone and Seven Years with their former vocalist Cove Reber live from night 1 of their special ...

Scary Kids Scaring Kids w/ Cove Reber (Full Set) @ Chain Reaction

Set was performed live at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA on January 16, 2020 Filmed by Toby Hughes and Gene Ramirez ...

Saosin - "Seven Years" [Feat. Cove Reber] (Live @ Glasshouse, Pomona 12-17-18)

Saosin Family Reunion! Too bad Justin didn't show up to riff-chug.

Taking Back Sunday with Justin Shekoski and Cove Reber from Saosin

Justin Shekoski from Saosin. Projekt Revolution tour 2007 West Palm Beach Justin Shekoski filling in for Fred.

Saosin - I Can Tell Cove Reber Vs. Anthony Green

Saosin - I Can Tell Betray! The Avalon is always beside me And Im following it home Where is my home? Orion glows And his eye ...

Saosin feat. Cove Reber (Partial Set) {4K} @ The Glass House

Set was performed live at The Glass House in Pomona, CA on December 17th, 2018. Shot by Alleen Hughes, Edited by Toby ...

Dead American - Ants And Pawns (Official Lyric Video)

The debut EP "The Shape Of Punk Is Dumb" is available everywhere now. Order at ---------------

Saosin - You’re not alone. Feat Cove Reber

12-16-2018 The Glasshouse in Pomona. Saosin feat. Cove Reber and Anthony Green on Bass. Sorry for the video. I was in the pit ...

Dead American - False Intentions

Everything that you said was a lie Sometimes all you get is one chance Why do I feel the way I feel about this? I just wanted to be ...

Cove Reber Interview From 2009–On Joining Saosin, His First Performance with Anthony Green

CoveReber #ScaryKidsScaringKids #Saosin Before Cove Reber became the longterm frontman of post-hardcore heroes, #Saosin ...

Saosin - "You're Not Alone" [Feat. Cove Reber] (Live @ Glasshouse, Pomona 12-17-18)

Dead American vocalist sings "You're Not Alone" Anthony Green slaps da bass. Stole someone else's audio @:27 Enjoy.

SAOSIN (Cove Reber ) gets an exclusive interview with Saosin lead singer Cove Reber.

Soasin - Voices (LIVE)

Soasin - Voices (LIVE) downloaded from

DEAD AMERICAN - (full set) live in Orangevale, California July 17th, 2019 on CAPITAL CHAOS TV

DEAD AMERICAN live in Orangevale, California July 17th, 2019 #capitalchaostv #deadamericans #saosin ...

Saosin - Seven Years (Acoustic) -- Nov 8, 09 -- Pacsun, San Francisco

Saosin - Seven Years (Acoustic) -- Pacsun, San Francisco Shopping Center November 8, 2009 I also won a signed guitar. look!

CoveReber AuditionDemo

yes. u heard it right. the demo song he sent as an audition a couple of years ago that made him the vocalist of saosin. i love both ...

Cove Reber (Dead American Ex-Saosin on When He Had To Apologize To Jared Leto For Calling Him Weird.

Cove Reber explains why he had to apologize to Jared Leto once for calling him "weird" while on tour. Listen to Cove's full For ...

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