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Cathy Lee Crosby, the original Wonder Woman

Preview Clip from the 1974 TV movie Wonder Woman. Before Lynda Carter took the heroine back to World War II for her "New, ...

Coach (1978) Theatrical Trailer

When Fenton (Keenan Wynn), the preeminent citizen of Granger speaks, the town listens. The town's high-school boys' basketball ...

Cathy Lee Crosby

Cathy Lee is an American actress and former professional tennis player. She achieved TV and film success in the 1980s and was ...

Magic & illusion. Cathy Lee Crosby stretcher

The famous actreez in a magical act inside the program That´s Incredible.

Whatever Happened to TV's Original Wonder Woman - Cathy Lee Crosby

Before Lynda Carter, for a brief moment, there was a different live action Wonder Woman on television. Here's that story plus an ...

Cathy Lee Crosby for Sweet 'n Low 1984 TV ad

The lovely Cathy Lee Crosby in a 1984 commercial for Sweet 'n Low, one of several she did for the product.

Wonder Woman (TV Movie) Feature Clip

Before Lynda Carter took the heroine back to World War II for her “New, Original” incarnation, statuesque tennis pro turned ...

Wonder Woman Pilot 1974 Cathy Lee Crosby Compilado

Wonder Woman Piloto 1974 Cathy Lee Crosby Compilado.

KOMO "That's Incredible!" 1981 opening segment

Opening minutes from a 1981 episode of the popular reality series, hosted by John Davidson, Cathy Lee Crosby and Fran ...

Wonder Woman 1967 Screen Test / TV Pilot

William Dozier thought to camp up Wonder Woman the same way he did Batman. Nothing came of it except for this 5 minute ...

Cathy Lee Escape from Circus of the Stars

Cathy Lee Crosby escapes from an oncoming motorcycle.

Wonder Woman (1974)

This week the boys of HMP take a trip back before Gal Gadot and even before Lynda Carter. That's right, we're going back to 1974 ...

Wonder Woman 1974 40th Anniversary

A montage of stills from 1974. Despite the 1967 effort with Ellie Walker and Linda Harrison, this is the first live-action appearance ...

Wonder Woman Cathy Lee Crosby Main Title Mashup

Cathy Lee Crosby's 1974 TV movie with Lynda Carter's season three main title sequence. Also gave it a teaser.

The God Who Sees

Kathie Lee Gifford & Nicole C. Mullen's modern oratorio telling the stories of Hagar, Ruth, David, and Mary and the promises ...

The 10th Annual Circus of the Stars special (1985)

Dick Clark, Bea Arthur, and Merv Griffin are this year's ringmasters as the Circus of the Stars completes its first decade of specials ...

The Cinema Snob: WONDER WOMAN 1974

Subscribe: The Cinema Snob reviews the 1974 Made for Television Wonder Woman movie.

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