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Carly Baker Showreel Company London and UK.

Carly Baker: UFC Ring Girl

Fighters Only's exclusive interview with the UFC's new Octagon Girl, Carly Baker. Don't forget you can also check out her ...

Coral: Farley & Carly TV ad

An exclusive look at our new TV ad starring Carly Baker and Darren Farley.

Meet UFC octagon girls Carly Baker and Luciana Andrade

Meet UFC octagon girls Carly Baker and Luciana Andrade.

UFC Octagon Girls Carly Baker and Kristie Pearson learning self defence with Ricky Manetta

Ricky shows Carly Baker and Kristie Pearson (UFC Octagon Girls) how to use simple self defence moves taught at MMA Krav ...

I Helped Carly Baker!! (The Greatest UFC Octagon Girl!)

Hey people! Let's just say that I have experienced some unbelievable things on You Tube but this has to be the most memorable ...

Carly Baker - Morning Line Jockey Banned For TV

Carly Baker - Morning Line Jockey Banned For TV.

Coral Connect

Impressionist Darren Farley & Miss Carly Baker promote Coral Connect.

UFC Girls Карли БЭЙКЕР и Лусиана АНДРАДЕ о России и ее особенностях | FightSpace

Интервью самых позитивных традиционных участниц турниров UFC, у нас в гостях октагон-герлс Лусиана Андраде...

UFC UK ring girl Carly Baker talks to Fighters Only on top of the O2 Arena London

Carly Baker weighs in on the high-altitude training needed to be a ring girl in the modern day. UFC Fight Night London takes ...

Carly Baker - Clips

Interview with UFC Octagon Girl Carly Baker

Interview with UFC octagon girl Carly Baker.

Michael Bisping & Carly Baker: UFC Fight Night 30 (Manchester) Q&A

Michael bisping and Carly Baker answer questions from there fans in Manchester Check out our other services:- Website ...

Carly Baker

UFC Model Carly Baker.

Carly & Farley Matchday Photographers

Coral duo Darren Farley and Carly Baker star in Coral's TV ad.

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