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Alex DiNovi on Love

Alex DiNovi responds warmly and unexpectedly to the question, "Why does love suck?"

Alexandra DiNovi Acceptance Speech for Best Actress Award

Alexandra DiNovi receives the Best Actress Award in the New York International Film Festival.

Rich Rossi Interviews Alexandra DiNovi.mpg

Interview with Alexandra DiNovi in New York.

Alex DiNovi Comedy

1 minute Comedic Reel.

Let Me Be Your Angel by Alexandra Di Novi

"Let Me Be Your Angel" Copywritten by Alexandra Di Novi Produced by Sean Ulbert Let me be your angel let me take away your ...

Alexandra Di Novi Audition Tape for Lead Role (Tanner) in "What About Love"

Alex DiNovi's original audition tape for lead role, [TANNER] major motion picture "What About Love"

DiNovi Dance

Super Raw Cute Old Footage.

Swirl- A Humdrum Happenstance

Swirl Premiered at the New York Film Festival earlier this year. Alexandra Dinovi's breakout role in...Swirl.

Actress Update


The Perfect Girl Trailer

Alexandra DiNovi is...The Perfect Girl. She can have anything she wants, but she wants one thing...why can't she have it?

I'm Sorry

"I'm Sorry" copywritten by Alexandra DiNovi Upload mp3 @ Alexandra DiNovi is headlining HOUSE OF ...

Beach House

Welcome to the beach house.

Purity Series - Part 1

Alyssa & Brandon are back!

Virgin Diary - behind the scenes

Purity Behind the Scenes, Alexandra DiNovi & Garrett Schude.

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